7 Factors Affecting the Cost of Couch Cleaning Services
7 Factors Affecting the Cost of Couch Cleaning Services

7 Factors Affecting the Cost of Couch Cleaning Services

Factors Affecting the cost of couch cleaning services

Couches and furniture are often left out when it comes to the general cleaning of the house. Here, one of the major concerns of homeowners revolves around the cost of couch-cleaning services.

The pricey services for sofa cleaning often forces homeowners to turn a blind eye when it comes to taking care of their upholsteries. However, it is important to understand that your couches need deep professional cleaning if you want them to last long.

Moreover, the price quoted by the companies of upholstery cleaning isn’t the final one. There are a lot of factors that influence the cost of couch cleaning services.

Let’s take a look at them for a better understanding!

Type of Furniture

Furniture comes in different shapes and sizes. While some furniture has more surface area but is easy to clean, some have complicated design and structure which makes it difficult to clean. Continue reading to find out what you can pay for different furniture and its cleaning!

  • Couches and Sofas

Couches are usually big in size and have different upholstery fabrics. The cost of suede and leather upholstery cleaning services Canberra is likely to be higher than the cost of cleaning other upholstery materials.

Couches and sofas can be cleaned using modern equipment without much hassle. And on average, you can expect to pay around $100 to $400 for your couch cleaning services.

  • Ottomans, Loveseats and Recliners

Ottomans, loveseats and recliners are medium to small-sized furniture and hence the cost of cleaning is comparatively low. The cost of cleaning an ottoman can be as low as $20 which is quite budget-friendly!

  • Chairs

There are several types of chairs found in a home, including dining chairs, office chairs and armchairs. These chairs require thorough cleaning and their professional charges can start from just $40!

Upholstery Material

You can find numerous upholstery materials in the market. And, every upholstery material requires special care if you want them to last long. As different fabrics require unique cleaning approaches the final cost of fabric couch cleaning Canberra usually differs.

  • Leather

Leather upholstery can give an ultimate luxurious feel to your interiors. However, cleaning them requires expertise and appropriate use of products. Irrespective of the type of furniture, the cost of leather upholstery cleaning Canberra, can start from $170!

  • Silk

Silk is a natural fibre and is quite delicate to handle. Cleaning silk upholstery involved the use of specialised tools and cleaning methods which makes the service costs. On average you can expect to pay around $180 to $250 for silk upholstery cleaning.

  • Wool, Polyester, and Cotton

These fabrics are commonly used as upholsteries as they are easy to maintain. The cost of upholstery cleaning Canberra can start from $150!

Dirt Level

  • The dirt level of the couches plays an important role in influencing the final price of sofa cleaning Canberra. Cleaning an extremely dirty couch is more difficult than a regularly cleaned and maintained couch.
  • For removing dust, grime, bacteria and moulds from the couches, a lot of resources are required. Apart from it being a labour extensive job, for restoring the look of your couches, a lot of cleaning agents and heavy-duty machines need to be used.
  • All these factors contribute to increasing the final cost of the service. Therefore, it is better to avail regular professional couch cleaning services instead of hiring them once after a few years.


  • Stains are the worst enemy of couches and upholsteries. Accidents and spills are inevitable and when not cleaned immediately, they can become permanent. Dealing with old and tough stains is not child’s play.
  • Professional stain removal services become necessary for making your upholstery spotless. And, the experts use modern equipment and cleaning products for removing different kinds of stains.
  • If your couches are heavily stained, the charges for upholstery cleaning are likely to increase automatically.

Cleaning Method Adopted

  • There are different types of upholstery fabrics which cannot be cleaned using a single approach. You cannot steam clean all the fabrics as exposure to heat can lead to shrinkage issues in some upholstery.
  • Therefore, there are different couch cleaning methods like shampoo cleaning, hot water extraction, dry cleaning, steam cleaning and so on. All these techniques require the usage of different cleaning products and machines.
  • Furthermore, one needs great knowledge and skills to carefully execute leather sofa cleaning Canberra. All these factors affect the final price of the services you are availing of.

Protective Treatment

  • Different homes have special requirements. Some homeowners have kids and pets while some are elderly couples with breathing problems and diseases. Protecting couches from stains, odour and mould problems is necessary.
  • For the safety and well-being of the residents, couch cleaning companies offer additional services like odour treatment, mould protection, stain protection and so on. These additional services are availed on request and are charged separately.
  • Therefore, when considering couch cleaning Canberra make sure to ask about the additional services and their prices.


  • The time and location of your couch cleaning appointment can affect the final price of the service. When you opt for same-day/next-day or emergency couch cleaning service, the charges increase automatically, as the technicians arrive at your location on a high-priority basis.
  • On the other hand, when you schedule an appointment for couch cleaning on weekdays within normal working hours as per the availability of the experts and wait for a few days, the charges reduce.
  • Furthermore, factors like time of the day, location of the customer, weekends, holidays and so on also influence the final cost of couch cleaning services.

Final Words

These are the factors that you should know about if the price of upholstery cleaning Canberra is a major concern for you.

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