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Lounge Cleaning Canberra

Lounge Cleaning Canberra

Does your lounge look filthy? Do you want proper cleaning methods? Then, it is high time to hire a professional and restore your furniture. Lounge cleaning services in Canberra by Crystal Couch Cleaning are the #1 choice for you because our experts use advanced cleaning strategies at a pocket-friendly rate.

Professional cleaning service not only restores the furniture but also removes all germs, dust, pollen and microparticles. Still, if you are wondering how to find the best service in your locality, then trust us and book an appointment now. You are just one phone call away from getting the best service in your locality.

Our Lounge Cleaning Service Process in Canberra

Dirt, dust, dead skin cells, and pet hair accumulate on the fabric and deteriorate the quality. If left untreated for a long time, these particles may lead to germ growth and a bad odour. Though vacuuming resolves 70% of this problem, you need a deep cleaning to remove the embedded germs and dust. At Crystal Couch Cleaning, our specialists are experienced and well trained to provide the best solution for all these issues. Our professionals follow a step-by-step process to ensure a better cleaning experience.


The process begins with a careful inspection of a couch. At this stage, experts not only assess the damage but also locate manufacturers’ guides. Care tags of furniture are important to determine the best strategy to fulfil customers’ expectations. This is the very first step where experts set the strategy and provide you with a quote and time estimation. After that, if you want to work with us, we will proceed to the next step.


In this step, our professionals set up all the equipment and ingredients to prepare a solution. They also conduct spot tests to ensure the effectiveness of this solution on the material. This extra step is vital to check discoloration and fading.

Cleaning and Stain Removal

Experts start with normal vacuuming of the cushion, covers and seats to remove dirt from the surface area. However, the vacuum cleaners of the professionals are different from regular vacuum cleaners because we use HEPA filters that catch microparticles and provide better cleaning.

Now we use eco-friendly cleaning solutions all over the couch to remove stains and dark spots. Specialists know that one solution is not suitable for all the materials. That is why they use different solutions for different materials and wipe off the stains.


Our experts prefer air drying, but in some situations, we use fans, blowers, and dehumidifiers to accelerate the process. It is one of the important steps of leather lounge cleaning in Canberra because the excessive moisture on the surface may lead to further damage in future.


After that, we apply conditioners to ensure the materials are in good condition that preserves the quality of the furniture. In this step, we let our clients check the quality of our service.

Couch cleaning is a complex task, and it demands high-quality equipment and ingredients for the best result. If you want to get the help of a professional sofa cleaner in Canberra, please call us directly.

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    Strategies of Our Lounge Cleaning Services in Canberra

    We understand clients’ needs and conduct different strategies to disinfect the lounge. Some of our popular strategies are-


    It is one of the oldest strategies for fabric and lounge cleaning in Canberra. An effective cleansing shampoo and a vacuum cleaner are used to disinfect the area. The foam of shampoo breaks down the dirt and germs. Later, a vacuum cleaner helps to extract all of these broken microparticles.

    Steam Cleaning

    It is one of the reliable approaches to lounge cleaning conducted by experienced professionals. They use hot water and use the high-pressure vapour to clean the carpets and upholsteries. The high temperature kills the germs. It is more effective as a sanitisation method than deep cleaning.

    Dry Powder Technique

    Experts spray the dry cleaning solution all over the furniture and let it stay for half an hour. It breaks down pollen, germs and particles. After that, they use a special machine to extract the broken dirt from the fabric or leather materials. After that, regular vacuuming is enough to make your lounge fresh and germ-free. Most of the customers prefer this because it is a faster and easier process to restore the lounge urgently.

    Why Should You Choose Us for Lounge Cleaning in Canberra?

    If you want to get a hassle-free fabric or lounge couch cleaning service in Canberra, you must call us. We make sure you get the best service from our lounge cleaners.

    • We use eco-friendly ingredients and advanced equipment to do the process.
    • After years of training and practice, we have gained a reputation and authority in your locality.
    • We offer 24/7 service in Canberra.
    • We offer all our services at pocket-friendly prices and do not charge any hidden fees. Besides that, we do not compromise on our service quality.
    • We understand what our clients expect from us, and our experts ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

    Do you want the best fabric and lounge cleaning service in Canberra? We are here to serve you 24/7. If you are busy on the weekdays, please schedule an appointment on the weekends or public holidays. Our professionals will reach your location at the scheduled time and resolve your issues as soon as possible. Please feel free to call us directly to book an appointment now.