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If you are searching for the best service provider in your locality, you are at the right place. At Crystal Couch Cleaning, we use state-of-the-art technology and certified chemicals to clean leather/ fabric upholsteries, couches and sofas.

All our experts are available 24/7 to offer you high-quality services in Boro. Now when you find stains and dark spots, do not worry. We are one phone call away. Let us know about your issues; experts will do their tasks within a few hours of confirmed booking.

Please book an appointment and get the best couch cleaning service to enhance the durability of your leather/fabric furniture.

Importance of Couch Cleaning Boro

In every suburb of Boro, we deliver excellent upholstery cleaning services for domestic and commercial premises at affordable rates. We continue to update our cleaning equipment and techniques with the aim of providing absolutely clean and safe furniture.

  • Regular vacuuming removes dark spots and microparticles. You need a deep cleaning service to eliminate germs and stubborn stains.
  • The first impression matters! You must maintain a neat and clean look at your commercial premises.
  • Have you not cleaned your lounge for a long time? Deep cleaning services also help to avoid foul smells and germ growth.
  • Experts use certified chemicals and sanitisers to deodorise the room after cleaning. All products are safe for pets and kids.
  • Deep cleaning also extends the lifespan of your furniture.
  • A clean and healthy environment encourages productivity. It helps to grow your business by maintaining a favourable working environment for your employees.

Now do not rely on regular DIYs. They only clean the furniture from the surface. If you want advanced deep cleaning services, please call our experts now.

Benefits of Hiring Expert Couch Cleaner Boro

Over time the furniture accumulates dust, dirt, food crumbs, stains and spillage. Regular vacuuming is not enough to maintain the quality of your furniture. That is why you should seek the help of a professional upholstery cleaner in Boro to maintain the colours, texture, and material of your leather/fabric upholsteries. You will get the following benefits from us:

  • Dry cleaning, steam cleaning, hot water extraction- all cleaning methods are available in our centre.
  • First, we try primary solutions. If it does not work, we apply advanced equipment and certified chemicals to eliminate stains and germs.
  • We use the latest technology with advanced equipment and eco-friendly ingredients.
  • Our services aim to restore the quality and colour of your couches, sofa, and upholsteries. Whether you have fabric or leather furniture, we have solutions for all.
  • Experts also condition fabric and leather materials to bring the shine back.

You can consult with our senior technicians, get valuable advice on maintaining furniture on residential and commercial premises.

Our Services  

Crystal Couch Cleaning Canberra, however, is a premier source of upholstery cleaning. It is necessary that you have your sofas and other upholstery furniture neat and clean all the time. Our experts will help you with this with their expertise of many years.

Following are the services we offer:

Upholstery, however, is one of the most expensive assets in your house, and it is quite often overlooked. Yet upholstery requires a multitude of dust mites and skin cells obtained from combined hours of relaxing and entertaining visitors. It is therefore necessary to appoint a professional cleaner to get all your upholstery free of stains, dust and grime.

Our Upholstery Cleaning Services

Fabric Couch Cleaning Service  

It is not easy to apply DIYs to fabrics because there are many kinds of fabric that need special treatment. You should consult with an expert before applying DIYs to fabric materials. Do you want better cleaning services? Please call us now.

Leather Upholstery Cleaning  

Some leathers are more susceptible to water. Experts assess the material and prepare a suitable solution for cleaning. Ask our experts for a specific solution.

Lounge Cleaning Service

If you have not cleaned your lounge for a long time, it is the ideal time to call our experts and get a hassle-free service. We ensure 100% customer satisfaction and leave your lounge dust free and clean.

We Clean Variety of Upholstery Fabrics

A wide variety of fabrics are used to produce various forms of upholstery. Polyester, cotton, velvet, wool, acrylic, silk, rayon, acetate, olefin, and linen are among them. We have the requisite means and experience to clean all of these upholstery fabrics at Crystal Couch Cleaning Canberra. Before performing the cleaning, we give thorough attention to each fabric.

Upholstery Protection Boro

This service enhances the durability of your fabric/ leather furniture. It protects against unwanted spillage and stains. Do you want to know more about our service? Please call us now.

We offer end-to-end service for all furniture cleaning needs. Some of the services are:

  • Couch dry cleaning
  • Recliner cleaning
  • Dining chairs cleaning
  • Love seat cleaning
  • Sofa steam cleaning
  • Microfiber upholstery cleaning
  • Leather couch cleaning
  • Couch deodorisation
  • Pet/Blood/urine stain removal from couch
  • Chocolate couch stain removal
  • Leather conditioning
  • Same day couch cleaning
  • Microsuede lounge cleaning
  • Chaise cleaning
  • Couch mould removal
  • White leather cleaning

We also offer same-day upholstery cleaning in Boro. Please let us know about your requirements. Our experts will reach your location within a few hours of confirmed booking.

Our Couch Cleaning Process

All our experts are certified. They have years of experience cleaning all types of upholsteries, couches and sofas. Specialists follow a step-by-step process.


Identifying the fabric/leather type is the most important thing to do before we start the upholstery cleaning process. We also consider the care code, directions of the manufacturer and employ the most effective cleaning solution.

Dry Dust Removal

The second important step is to get rid of all dry dust and other microparticles before cleaning. Technicians use industry-grade vacuum cleaners. However, a regular vacuum cleaner is also suitable for the process.


Now, experts prepare appropriate solutions based on the initial assessment. It is time to use advanced tools to apply the cleaning solution that goes deep into the fibre to provide a better cleaning experience.


Finally, we make sure to dry the upholstery completely so that once we leave, there is no risk of any bacterial growth. Primarily we prefer air dying, but in severe cases, we use dehumidifiers, blowers and fans to dry the area quickly.


The senior experts check the quality of our service and suggest specific remedies for furniture maintenance. If you have any questions, ask our experts because it helps to ensure customer satisfaction.

All our experts are ready to serve you 24/7; please feel free to call us to book an appointment.

Why Should You Choose Us?

We work with both residential and commercial property owners and understand their needs. Our aim is to provide a hassle-free cleaning experience in Boro. People prefer our services for the following reasons:

Local Certified Experts

Our professionals are well trained and certified to provide the best service in your locality. Senior experts train all the members with the latest technologies.

Certified Chemicals and Equipment

Experts do not prefer DIY solutions. Instead, they use industry-grade equipment and certified chemicals to complete the cleaning process.

Same-day and Emergency Service

We are open 24/7 to offer you same-day emergency services. Please let us know about your requirements. Our experts will solve your issues as soon as possible.

Customer Satisfaction

Team members are friendly and understand the customer requirements. Please feel free to ask your queries during the cleaning process. Besides that, they also describe the process to you so that we can offer a transparent service.

No Obligation Up-front Quotes

All our services are available at an affordable rate. We provide an upfront quote after inspecting the furniture. Our experts take away your headache and charge a very reasonable amount for their time and effort. However, we do not compromise our quality.

If you want the best upholstery cleaning service in Boro, please do not hesitate to call us at 0480022440. If you are busy on weekdays, please schedule your appointment on weekends. You will get an appointment for the same-day emergency service if you inquire.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do You Offer Steam Cleaning Services for Upholstery?

We offer a steam cleaning service in our Boro centre. We have a team dedicated to maintaining the quality and reliability of our services. If you need a steam cleaning service, please consult with our specialists to know more about our services.

  1. Do You Offer Same Day Service?

We offer same-day service in your locality. Experts provide premium lounge cleaning services by using the latest and appropriate cleaning techniques. Please call us directly to book an appointment. You will get an appointment if you inquire.

  1. How Much Does Upholstery Cleaning Cost?

We offer upfront no-obligation quotes only after inspecting the area. The quote depends on the material, texture, colour and condition of the furniture. Please feel free to book an appointment. Our experts will reach your location at the earliest.

  1. Do You Cater to Residential Areas for Upholstery Cleaning?

We provide not only residential upholstery cleaning services but also commercial ones. Our team is well equipped to offer you excellent services on both premises. Please call us to find out more about our services.

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