5 Pro Tips for Leather Couch Cleaning in Canberra
Pro Tips for Leather Couch Cleaning in Canberra

5 Pro Tips for Leather Couch Cleaning in Canberra

Leather is a durable and long-lasting natural product, but it needs maintenance. Many people prefer investing in costly leather furniture because it offers more comfort and luxury. However, it accumulates dust, dirt, pollen and bacteria, so you have to clean it at least once a week. Besides regular vacuuming, you should follow these five leather sofa cleaning tips to preserve the quality of your furniture.

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 How to Clean Leather Couches and Upholsteries in Canberra? 

It would be better if you used cushions and covers for your furniture. Besides that, while vacuuming, use a hose and wand to reach tough areas such as the backside, bottom, armrest and headrest of the furniture.

Before applying the following solutions, please conduct a spot test in a small and hidden area. It helps you to assess the condition of this furniture and the effectiveness of the solution. If you are satisfied with the outcome, you can use the solution on the whole furniture.

 Tip #1: Use Vinegar  

You can use two tablespoons of white vinegar with water to prepare a paste. It is highly effective against stains and germs. Use a soft brush to clean the entire area before applying this solution. Please use a microfiber cloth to rub affected areas with this solution. Finally, clean the area with a dry cloth. It helps you to remove dark spots, patches, and stains on the leather. If it fails, you should seek the help of leather upholstery cleaning services in Canberra.

 Tip #2: Ethanol-based Liquid

The ethanol-based solution is effective against fungus and mould growth. You have to use a microfiber cloth and rub the area gently with the solution and let it stay for half an hour. After that, please vacuum the area before use. It is one of the easiest processes of leather couch cleaning in Canberra. The topical antiseptic is very effective against such issues, but you do not have to apply it once a week; you can use it occasionally,

 Tips #3: Use Nail Polish Remover  

Non-acetone-based nail polish remover is also very effective against stains. It only works on fresh stains. If stains get dry, you should try other methods or call a sofa cleaning service in Canberra. Professionals can help you to remove stubborn stains because they have years of experience, knowledge and skills in this field.

 Tip #4: Dry Cleaning Chemicals 

The dry cleaning solution is one of the most popular methods of couch cleaning in Canberra. If you want to prepare a solution at home, you should consult a professional. The good news is you can buy it from the market. Please note that it may have inflammable ingredients, so read the instruction manual carefully before use. Wear protective gear and keep your pets and kids at a safe distance while conducting the process.

 Tip #5: Use Baking Soda  

Lastly, one of the organic solutions for upholstery cleaning in Canberra is baking soda. It is very effective against foul smells, stains and germ growth. You have to prepare a solution with two tablespoons of baking soda and water. After that, apply it with a microfiber cloth. Please do not forget to vacuum the area before applying this solution.

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