How to Clean and Care for Leather Furniture? 
How to Clean and Care for Leather Furniture?
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How to Clean and Care for Leather Furniture? 


When you choose delightful leather furniture, it provides comfort and enhances the beauty in your lounge. Indeed, we understand that leather is a big investment, and it needs advanced leather couch cleaning services in Canberra. If you do not care properly, it will not last more than five years. It adds luxury and becomes the focal point in your drawing room. You should not panic every time your kids and pets drop something on the cushion. Please read our easy tips to preserve the quality of the furniture and make it durable and long-lasting.

Easy Ways of Cleaning Leather Couches 

Professional lounge cleaning services in Canberra enable a headache-free way of furniture maintenance. You can take this opportunity or use regular machines for DIY cleaning. Before going further, let’s look at some basic care tips-

  • You have to use a microfiber cloth or white paper towel to remove dust off all the leather surfaces.
  • You can use a vacuum cleaner to reach tough areas such as cracks, crevices, backside and bottom of the furniture.
  • Do not forget to test any cleaning product in a hidden spot to check its effectiveness.
  • Do not use too much water for any solution because leather is a porous material.
  • Unless there is a spot, please do not use solutions on leather items.
  • Schedule deep cleaning at least twice a year.
  • However, you can apply a gentle leather conditioner after deep cleaning your furniture.

Steps to Prevent Accidental Damage

Besides that, you have to do the following things to prevent accidental damage.

  • Use a furniture cover during a social event.
  • Do not sit with a sharp object in your pocket. It may poke holes in the leather.
  • Do not use ink-covered paper that could get damp and spill ink onto the leather.
  • Do not use scratchy objects.

Please keep these things in mind to avoid any accidental damage or spillage, which adds to the maintenance costs. If you create such issues, please consult with a lounge cleaning Canberra professional for cleaning and repair.

How to Preserve the Quality of Leather Furniture?

Using a colourful cover on the leather furniture is the best way to avoid all these issues. However, if you face any problems, try to remove the dirt and stains with a damp cloth. Do not use harsh chemicals without consulting an expert.

If it is deeply soiled or stained, use a vacuum cleaner and leather conditioner. Do not forget to use it in a hidden area before applying it to the exposed spots. A conditioner softens the leather and protects it from cracking.

If you have any doubts regarding leather sofa cleaning, you should consult with an expert. They have years of experience, training and knowledge to find a solution based on the requirements. You can also find the care tag to detect the suitable ingredients for your furniture.

Conditioning Leather Furniture

Besides basic cleaning, conditioning is an important part that makes the leather couch shining and long-lasting. Please note that it is not similar to the conditional use for our hair. It does not add moisture or softness to the leather. It only hides small scratches and cracks.

Do Not Keep It under the Sunlight

It is important to keep the furniture away from direct sunlight because it can dry out the leather leading to discolouration. If you put it in a dry area that is exposed to direct sunlight, then you have to use more conditioner to preserve the quality of your leather furniture.

Leather Care Kit

The leather care kit includes several equipment and ingredients. It includes stain remover, recolouring dyes, bonding agents and some other repairing tools, which can be handy if something pokes a hole in the sofa. You can buy this kit, but it needs training and expertise to complete the cleaning and repairing tasks properly.

Otherwise, you can consult with the leather lounge cleaning Canberra service provider for the best headache-free experience.

The best part is leather stays cool in summer and feels warm in winter. You can try DIY solutions such as baking soda, vinegar, and petroleum jelly to solve minor issues. If you think you cannot complete the task without the assistance of a professional. Please feel free to call us for the best guidance. Our professionals have years of experience, training and knowledge to assess the condition and provide the best solution in your locality.

We are open 24/7 and offer leather lounge cleaning services in Canberra, even on holidays. If you are busy on weekdays, please feel free to schedule a service on the weekend. Crystal Couch Cleaning also offer a same day service. Our professionals will reach your location within two hours of a confirmed booking. Do you need an urgent cleaning service? Please do not hesitate to call us now.